Well Control: Activity 10

1) For each of the following statements note whether it relates to the Drillers Method or the Wait and Weight Method.

a. Minimize pressures generated in the annulus due to gas expansion. 
                        Drillers                        Wait and Weight 
b. Remove influx from hole before pumping kill mud. 
                        Drillers                        Wait and Weight 
c. Pump kill mud while circulating influx up the annulus. 
                        Drillers                        Wait and Weight 
d. Maintain Drill Pipe pressure constant for 1st circulation. 
                        Drillers                        Wait and Weight 

2) Under which circumstances would the Wait and Weight Method provide lower equivalent pressures at the casing shoe than the Drillers Method? 

a. When the drill string volume is greater than the annulus open hole volume. 
b. When the drill string volume is less than the annulus open hole volume. 
c. The pressures at the casing are the same regardless of the method used.

3) The main purpose of a diverter system is to:

a. shut the well in.
b. divert shallow gas over the side.
c. to prevent gas entering the wellbore.

4) Kicks taken while drilling shallow formations should be:

a. closed in with the Hydril.
b. closed in with the rams.
c. ignored.
d. diverted.

5) Which of the following statements are good operating practice in top hole (surface hole) that has a risk of gas bearing formations? (Choose two answers)

a. Use a high density mud (minimum – 15.0 ppg) to create maximum overbalance.
b. Pump out of the hole on trips.
c. Control drill.
d. Regularly pump fresh water pill to clean cuttings from hole.
e. Maintain high rate of penetration to ensure mud viscosity level is as high as possible.

6) It is not uncommon that in a horizontal well the well kicks at the same time that losses take place. This is a result of the different formation characteristics at “different along hole depths”.

a. True
b. False

7) During top hole drilling from a jack-up rig the well suddenly starts to flow due to a shallow gas kick. What will be the safest actions to take to rig and personnel? 
(Select two answers) 

a. Activate the blind/shear rams to shut in the well. 
b. Activate the diverter system and remove non-essential personnel from the rig floor and hazardous areas. 
c. Shut in the well and prepare for kill operations immediately. 
d. Start pumping kill fluid into the well at the highest possible rate. 
e. First line up to the mud/gas separator, activate the diverter system and remove personnel from the rig floor. 

8) There will be little or no difference between SIDPP and SICP as long as the influx stays in the horizontal section of a well. What is the primary reason for this?

a. The influx has little or no effect on the hydrostatic head in the annulus.
b. In horizontal wells, there is usually little or no difference between the density of the drilling fluid and that of the influx.
c. In horizontal wells, the influx can also enter the drill string, because the BHA is usually very short in comparison with those in vertical wells.
d. The influx migration rate differs from vertical wells.

9) The pressure build up due to the rising of gas which cannot expand could be called the second build up. The first build up occurs in 5 - 10 minutes after the well is closed and sometimes takes 30 minutes. What causes the first build up?

a. Gas migration
b. Friction losses
c. Permeability
d. Type of influx

10) After shutting in on a kick the SIDPP and SICP have been stable for 15 minutes, they then both start slowly rising by the same amount. Which one of the following is the probable cause.

a. A further influx is occurring.
b. The influx is migrating up the wellbore.
c. The gauges are faulty.
d. The BOP stack is leaking

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