Well Control Quiz 2

Tutorial prepared by Eltun Talibov, Drilling Engineer at State Oil Company of AZERBAIJAN REPUBLIC (SOCAR), Email:Eltun-talibov98@mail.ru

Problem 1 

The well is shut in on a kick. Following data recorded: 

SIDPP=700 psi 
SICP=900 psi 
MW=13.5 ppg 
Influx gradient =0.15psi/ft 

After 30 minutes SIDPP and SICP have risen by 150 psi. Calculate speed in ft/h that influx is migrating: 

A) 427 ft/hr 
B) 14 ft/hr 
C) 204 ft/hr 
D) 28 ft/hr 

Problem 2 

Which of the following have to be performed prior to taking a leak off test? (3answers) 

A) Raise up the bit inside the shoe, to prevent damage to the formation 
B) Circulate the mud to get same weight all the way around 
C) To minimize chance of stuck pipe, pull the bit up inside the shoe 
D) Line up through the kill line and pump at slow circulation rate 
E) Drill out the casing shoe and approximately 15ft into new formation 

Problem 3 

Write the definition of SICP (Shut in Casing Pressure) 
Shut in Casing Pressure is a measure of… 

Problem 4 

Which are likely to increase the chance of “swabbing “? (3 answers) 

A) RIH too fast 
B) Maintaining high viscosity mud 
C) POOH through tight hole with pumps off 
D) Balled up bit&stabilizer 
E) High annular clearance between drill string and wellbore 

Problem 5 

SIDPP= 300 psi 
Mud weight= 10.ppg 
A salt-water kick has been taken, filling 250 ft of annulus 
Salt water weight= 8.65 ppg 

From the data above calculate Shut in Casing Pressure (SICP): 

A) 18 psi 
B) 536 psi 
C) 318 psi 
D) 245 psi 

Problem 6 

What is the recommended fluid for BOP test and why? 

A) Water based mud 
B) Water 
C) Oil based mud 

Problem 7 

How to determine correct Initial Circulating Pressure (ICP)if Slow Circulating Rate is unknown? 

A) Bring pump up to speed by holding drill pipe pressure constant 
B) Bring pump up to speed by holding casing pressure constant 
C) Add safety factor into SIDPP and call it as ICP 

Problem 8 

Which well control method will not maintain constant bottom hole pressure? 

A) Wait and Weight method 
B) Driller's method 
C) Volumetric method 

Problem 9 

Which of the following determine SIDPP? (2 answers) 

A) Cuttings volume in annulus 
B) Mud density in drill string 
C) Influx density 
D) Influx size 
E) Pore pressure 

Problem 10 (open question) 

What is the main indicator that helps us to differ “well ballooning “ from “well kick”? 

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