General Questions With Answers - 2 -

1.Stuck pipe and Fishing

1.1 What is in most cases the limiting factor for maximum pull when dealing with stuck pipe?

1.2 What is normally the limiting factor for maximum “Torsion” in a string?

1.3 What is the correct procedure prior to maximum pull on a stuck string when the BHA contains a JAR. 

1.4 Name 2 different types of fishing grapples we can dress an overshot with? Which one is the stronger of the two?

1.5 An "FS" or "SH" type? What do these abbreviations stand for?

1.6 What is good practice to do prior to POH (Tripping) after you twisted off?

1.7 Does a Bowen type "Z" fishing jar strike downwards also?

2. Directional Drilling

2.1 If deviation in top hole is checked at intervals because of close well spacing, what special sub has to be incorporated in the BHA? What adjustment does it require at surface prior to RIH?

2.2 What exactly is the purpose of the channel (along axis) through the rotor of a mud motor? It can either be blanked off or be provided with a nozzle. Give one reason for each configuration.

2.3 What do the terms DTU and AKO stand for?

2.4 Which one has the largest bit offset for the same dog leg capabilities?

2.5 What checks are made at surface before mud motor is re-run (e.g. after bit trip)? Give two indications that would tell you there is something wrong with the motor?


1. Stuck pipe and fishing

1.1 The yield strength of the drillpipe.

1.2 The Make-Up torque of the tooljoint.

1.3 Let the jar stroke out before you pull maximum pull.

1.4 Spiral and Basket grapples. Spiral Grapples are strongest.

1.5 An FS type meaning Full Strength,  The SH means Slim Hole.

1.6 To circulate clean above the fish and spot a viscous pill.

1.7 No.

2. Directional drilling

2.1 UBHO sub > Univeral Bottom Hole orientation Sub. You need to orientate the UBHO sub to the Mud motor / turbine.

2.2 By-Pass for the fluid. Use the blank if all fluid is required to go to the motor (In case of high system pressure losses). Use the nozzle if enough fluid is available to by-pass the motor and give higher HP at the bit.

2.3 DTU: Double Tilted Unit. AKO: Adjustable Kick Off.

2.4 AKO.

2.5 Play on the bearing. Test motor on Kelly for dump valve and rotation. If the Motor stalls quicker with the same amount of pressure. A sudden pressure loss showing the dump valve opening.

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