Definition & Basics

Formation Integrity Test
Bottom Hole Pressure Concept
Basic Pressure Definitions 


Introduction to Casing


Introduction to Cementing Click Here

Cementing Job Types Click Here

Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling Applications Click Here 

Directional Drilling Types Click Here
Introduction to Extended Reach Drilling  Click Here
Extended Reach Drilling Challenges - Part I -  Click Here
Extended Reach Drilling Challenges - Part II - Click Here

Drilling Bits

Introduction to Drilling Bits Click Here

Natural Diamond Drilling Bits Click Here

Drilling Equipment

Drill String components Click Here

Drilling Fluids

Introduction to Drilling Fluids Click Here 

Mud Conditioning and Field Testing Click Here 
Challenges Related to Drilling Fluids Click Here 
Selection Criteria of Drilling Fluids Click Here

Drilling Problems

Introduction to Stuck Pipe  Click Here 

Introduction to Hole Cleaning Click Here

Drilling Rigs

Drilling Rigs Types Click Here

Drilling Rigs Systems Click Here

Rig Site Tips

Rig Site Tips Click Here
Rig Site Tips : Tripping Instructions Click Here
Rig Site Tips:  Tripping Procedures
Rig Site Tips : Inner String Cementing Procedures and Instructions Click Here
Rig Site Tips : Running Casing Procedures and Instructions Click Here
Rig Site Tips : Running New Drilling Bit Click Here
Well Control

Introduction to Well Control Click Here

Bottom Hole Pressure Concept Click Here
Basic Pressure Definitions Click Here
Hard Shut In Procedure Click Here
Soft Shut In Procedure Click Here
Causes of Kicks Click Here
Positive Kick Signs Click Here
Well Control Preliminary Calculations

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